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Production version 3.8 released

On July 3, 2014 production version 3.8 was made available.

Version 3.8 replaces version 3.6 as the current "production" version, recommended for first-time users. Please see the next section for download and install information.

Test version 3.9.5 released

Test version 3.9.5 was made available on November 8, 2014. MRC logo

JMRI 3.9.5 is the most recent test release, containing the latest and greatest JMRI updates. This series of JMRI releases supports MRC hardware.

This is the next in a series working toward the next JMRI production version after JMRI 3.8.

For more information, including the links to download a copy, please see the release note. Version 3.8 is the current "production" version, recommended for first-time users.

Production version 2.14.1 released

On July 15, 2012 production version 2.14.1 was made available.

Version 2.14.1 is recommended for JMRI users with computers that can only run Java 1.5. Please see the release note for download and install information.

JMRI 3.8 - Production release

JMRI logo

If you've never installed a version of this program before, please read the installation guide (on the left) for your computer type and layout hardware. They will show you how to install the things that are needed before the program will run.

Installation guides: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

See also the page of layout connections.

If you've previously installed a working version of the program, you only need to download and install one of the files listed here.



For more information on the release contents, please see the release note.

If you're looking to download Rodney Black's CATS application, see the CATS download page.

JMRI - Developer releases

As the program develops, we also produce test versions. You may want to try these, as new features will show up in them first. They are announced in the JMRI users email group.

The most current test release is JMRI 3.9.5. More information on it, including the links to download a copy, can be found in release note.

For more information on the rough development schedule, please see the JMRI road map (which is only occasionally updated).

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The Crandic Automated Traffic System (CATS) is a JMRI-based application by Rodney Black for controlling and operating a model railroad. There's more information on the CATS web site.

The current version of CATS requires JMRI 2.5.5 or later; we recommend you use it with the JMRI 2.6.1 production version.

The earlier version 2.15/2.06 of CATS (current as of July 4, 2009) required JMRI 2.0 through 2.5.3. We recommend use of JMRI 2.5.3 with these earlier version of CATS.